Adorable Furbabies, June 8th thru the18th

Good morning everyone and Happy Father’s Day to all the great dads out there. Hope you all are enjoying a lazy, relaxing Sunday.

Been busy again so this post is a few days later than I wanted to post, but hey, I’m including MORE cute pics of the furbabies! 🙂

I find that I only have about an hour in the early mornings to get any scrapbooking done, and that is usually during Jasmine and Shelby’s nap time, which they love to take together in the doorway.

Little Miss Shelby is making more appearances on our bed.

Here they are waiting for meal time.

The pups must have worn Penny out because she’s like “I’m done!”

Mr. Jackson kind of stays out of the way and just “watches” the babies

Here’s Shelby on that bed again!

The girls wore out this blue rope so bad that I ended up having to throw it away. But before it became trash, it was still a treasure for a little while and they had a blast!

Again, Mr. Jackson just watching the whole thing!

When Shelby isn’t on our bed, she’s in my husband’s lap. She sure does love her daddy!

Shelby also discovered the ottoman!

And the couch!

Now its snack time!

Watching for the mailman together with big sissy

Jackson is ready for bed! We can usually find him in the girls’ area at night, with or without them. LOL

Just enjoying the outdoors

Shelby found our bed again!

Miss Jasmine being a sweetie outside

We moved the baby gate over to the other side of the office, giving the girls both their doggie area AND my office available at night. During the day, they like to play with the gate. LOL. And so does Jackson!

Mr. Jackson watching them play

Shelby needs 3 toys at once! LOL

Look at that sweet face!

Mr. Jeffrey!

Came out of the shower one night to find this. ALL FOUR OF THEM! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

I took a nap and hubby said they were playing quietly. LOL. Yeah…quiet all right. Tore up their puppy bed! But hey, that’s why you only spend $15 at burke’s Outlet!

And last but not least, pretending to be innocent, despite bringing in a stick from outside to chew on.

TFL and until next time, bark and meow on! 🙂

Adorable Furbabies – May 29th thru June 7th

Good morning everyone! Usually I don’t post on Saturday mornings, but with the puppies, I’m up early now. Today they actually let me sleep in  — 6am sleep in. That’s better than the 4:30-5am wake up calls the whole week.

So lets see those adorable babies!

When they see me pull out my phone, they already know to pose! Isn’t that the cutest?!!

They love to chew together.

Learning how to watch out for people – mail man, trash man, deliveries, etc.

Talk about mirror images!

Just look at those faces!

Jeffrey was sleeping and Shelby managed to slowly move over to his bed. He woke up with the look on his face like “What just happened?!”

It rained quite a bit in early June, so they were inside quite a bit. So sweet sharing that little bed.

They will also nap with big sissy.

Watchdoggin’ like pros!

Shelby looking at a bug. If you zoom in, you’ll see it alot better. I love how much curiosity these babies have. Everyday is an adventure!

I finally got a decent pic of Mr. Jeffrey!

Can you say carbon copies?!

Jasmine loves her daddy!  Finally got some sweet moments! ❤ ❤ ❤

While vacumming the office, I had to drag all the beds to the tiled area and Shelby is like, “I’m just gonna sit here and wait.”

We love sticks!

And we love dirt too!

they clean up nicely don’t they?

Shelby is the QUEEN of the POOL!

And Jasmine loves her Jackson! ❤

Until next time, bark and meow on!


Adorable Furbabies, May 23rd thru May 28th

Good afternoon all! Today I’d like to share with you some super cute pics of the furbabies from last month. Been so busy with work and the new puppies, it takes me a bit longer to upload pics.

So lets get started!

Shelby likes to dig through her toy box and dump all the toys to find the PERFECT one!


On this day, it was a bone!

Here they are both being ADORABLE! ❤ ❤

They love the pool so much, who cares if there isn’t any water in it!

Jackson continues to LOVE his new sisters! He loves to play with them.

Being adorable sharing the same bed.

And just being HAPPY!

Future Watchdogs.

Shelby’s the Queen of the Pool!

The last weekend of May, they had their booster shots, including rabies. Both gained about 10-11 lbs each! We are approaching 25 lbs!

Shelby loves to hang out with daddy when he’s installing things

And putting things together

After a vet visit and a day of supervising, these 2 pups were exhausted!

I’ll be back tomorrow with another round of adorable furbabies! And I promise I’ll more pics of the others too!

Until next time, bark and meow on! 🙂

Adorable Furbabies, May 13th thru 22nd

Good afternoon everyone! This is technically part three of all the photos I’ve taken of the furbabies – including li’l Jasmine and Shelby!

Out of the 2 girls, Miss Jasmine is our digger! Just look at that smile!

After a long doggie day, they take naps together. I just LOVE how close they are when they nap! Its so sweet!

Miss Penny and Mr. Jeffrey are getting plenty of attention too!


And we can’t forget about Jackson!

Empty pool? No problem, just add water Jasmine says!


After seeing grandma, grandpa and Uncle Lee and Auntie Jennifer on Mother’s Day, these two were exhausted before their regular bedtime (10pm)!

Jackson says HI!

Sweet babies! ❤ ❤

We’ve had our first casualty! The snake now is stuffing-less!


Jeffrey is like, “Ha! Wasn’t me!”

Miss Penny enjoying the sunshine

Jasmine wants to take a nap. Shelby wants to play.


I think Jasmine won!

Puppy School! Penny teaching the girls how to chew on a Nylabone.

And also to watch out for the mail man


When the temps are hot and the pups are hyper, its pool time!



Just look at that squishy face! ❤

Big Sister Penny taking a break from teaching.

So Jeffrey is teaching. Not sure what though. LOL

Its nap time now!

Look how big they are getting! ❤ ❤

Another Puppy School lesson! Today’s Lesson: How to play quietly while Mommy works.

Gotta find the perfect toy!

Watching Daddy water the grape vines! I want to play with the water!!

Shelby hanging out with her favorite kitty!


Early morning playtime Sunday morning

Just hanging out and chewing on sticks!


Look how much bigger they are compared to Jeffrey already!

In Mommy’s scrap room for the first time! Yay!

Super sleepy puppies!


Jasmine says Good morning!


And last but not least, naptime! Again! But this time, with big sissy too!

I’m officially caught up with all the pics! Yay! I should be back to posting regularly!

Until next time, bark and meow on! 🙂

Adorable Furbabies, May 5th thru May 12th

Good afternoon everyone! I’m back with more photos of our new furbabies – Jasmine and Shelby!

We have POOL PUPS! ❤ ❤

And after pool time, its snuggle time!


Jackson LOVES Shelby and Shelby LOVES Jackson!

The girls LOVE to chew on bones together!


Little Shelby

I’ll be back tomorrow for another round of photos! Then I think I’ll be caught up!

Bark and meow on! 🙂

Adorable Furbabies, April 27th thru May 2nd

Good afternoon everyone! Sorry I’ve been MIA for the past month or so. Life has just been way too busy! Between work and new puppies (yes, you read correctly – puppies!), my days are filled with work, sleep when I can, and taking care of 2 new little puppies. Before I introduce the puppies here on my blog, here are a few pictures of the “big kids” taken the day before we adopted.

Jackson being super cute!


Jeffrey taking time out of his busy day to take some selfies with momma:


and Miss Penny!

Now, on to the puppies! ❤ ❤

Please say hello to Jasmine Grace and Shelby Lynn!

Our local humane society posted on at the end of April that they had a litter of 8 puppies! Lab mixes and they were ready to be adopted! I called that day and got some information. They had their adoption application online and I printed it out and worked on it. Its a 5-page document! The next day, we went down there, and went to look. Out of the 8 original puppies, 4 were left. 3 girls, 1 boy. As we were watching them play, another girl got adopted.

On April 27th, at 9:30am, I got word that we were approved (kind of no brainer..right?) and we could come down anytime. We took off at noon and got there a few mins shortly. We wanted the girls. Their original names were Eleanor and Sylvia and we were very lucky. One of the girls had a pending adoption and the lady called and changed her mine. The other girl was also pending and the lady couldn’t afford the pet deposit for her apt and land lord denied her. So both girls could be ours!

The photo above was taken in the room where you get “get to know them”. They are sooo sweet. Shelby (the one NOT looking at me) is a licker! She loves kisses and will give them back to you! Jasmine is sweet…a little cautious but at the same time, very vocal. She’s our barker! So we finished up the paper work and by 2pm, they were home with us!

This is the look they had in the vehicle. On their way to their forever home to meet their older sister and 2 brothers!

Exploring their new yard:


Shelby’s first selfie with mommy

Discovering toys!


At the vet for the first time. They did great! Our vet loves them!

This was the morning after their 2nd day. They get up between 5 & 6am, ready to eat and play!

Shelby thinks the water dish is a toy.



By Day 3, they figure out there was FOOD in the elevated dish! So it got moved!


They are such angels when they are sleeping.

Little Shelby ended up getting a UTI and she had to go to the vet w/o her sister for the first time. She did very well. She’s all better now!


Afterwards, they got little puppy dentastix!

The other are doing very very well with Jasmine and Shelby. They see Jackson as someone who can run with them and he kind of does, but has has trees to get away. Shelby really is interested in him and barks at him. LOL. Penny has already accepted them and runs them into the yard, like come on, this way, girls. You play out here. Jeffrey keeps an eye on them…from afar…about several feet away. But they all get loving from my husband and I.

I will be back later with another post. Just trying to play catch up. I ended up taking over 100 photos of these sweet girls in their first 3 days. LOL! Surprised? I’m not!

Until next time, bark and meow on! 🙂


Adorable Furbabies, April 2017, Week 3

Good afternoon everyone! Who wants to know what my furbabies have been up to this past week?!!

Mr. Jeffrey got a brand new bed for Easter! He likes to have a small bed by the window, and usually Jackson takes over it, but not this one! Doesn’t he look comfortable?


While Jeffrey was enjoying his new bed, Miss Penny spotted Squirrely!

Jackson says HELLO!

On Easter Sunday, we had my brother and sister in law and my mother over. They brought their doggies. It was hard to get pics of EVERYONE, but Miss Bella didn’t mind it one bit!


Last Thursday, Mr. Jeffrey had his wellness exam/shots. He did great! He’s very healthy for 13 yrs old! We went to PetCo afterwards!


It was a beautiful day Friday, and my two-pup crew was just chilling!

On Sunday night, Jackson was giving me his full attention.

And before I go, my very sleepy doggies. Hubby and I were watching a movie and I just couldn’t resist snapping their pic!

Until next time, bark and meow on!

Adorable Furbabies – April, Week Two

Good morning everyone! I hope everybody enjoyed the Easter Weekend last weekend. Ours was very low key and chill. I like those kind of holiday weekends. 😉 So let’s get started!

Mr. Jeffrey is starting to pose for me more often now again. Not sure what mood he was in the past few weeks. LOL.

How much are these doggies in the window? We were in the car, entering in an address into the nav unit and they were just watching us.


So, hubby bought a new to him truck 2 weeks ago. 2015 Ford F-150. Our 14 yr old Expediction has thrown in the towel and called it quits. Its becoming unreliable and needs $1750 worth of work on it. But, we’re not complaining as its been VERY GOOD to us. Its moved us to our new home. It moved my parents; various friends (sometimes more than once). Its tooken doggies to the beach. Its been all over the state of Texas, to California and back numerous times. Its been to Oklahoma, Alabama and Florida. So yeah…it had a great run. So, why did I bring up our new truck? Jeffrey had to inspect if, of course!



I love the truck Daddy!

Li’l Jackson exhausted from being a kitten!

Its a ruff life, huh?


Penny wanted to give Jackson kisses! She loves her kitty!


They were actually sleeping on their beds the same way. Even facing the same way!

The neighbor’s dog was out with his owner (she was on the phone), so he came over to say Hi to Jeffrey!


I visited with my parents for a couple of hours last Thursday and FINALLY got to take some decent pics of their doggies – who just turned two yrs old.







When I got back home, my pups were like, “Uh..where were you?”


Later that day, Jeffrey and Penny were actually sharing the large doggie bed. Aren’t they just cute together?



So I guess Mr. Jeffrey got tired of sharing with his sister as he took a spot on his little doggie bed:

That thing is so lumpy, poor guy. I pulled it out for Jackson, but that little turkey chooses to sleep on the bigger dog beds. But don’t worry, Jeffrey got a new bed for Easter and I’ll post those pics next week!

Unti then, bark and meow on! 🙂

Adorable Furbabies – April 2017, Week One

Good afternoon everyone! My furbabies are really enjoying the pleasant temperatures we’ve been having. They spend most of their time outside! So here’s what happened in their world the past few days.

Jackson has been snuggling next to Penny and she’s been letting him. To an extent



We did some grilling over the weekend (steak Friday night; hot dogs Saturday night) and look who wanted a bite!

Rob had placed all the toys/bones in the pool just so he can do some yard work. They were out of the way. Jeffrey is looking for the water. LOL. Or wondering why Daddy moved his toys….

Here’s Jeffrey waiting for the hot dogs to be done.

We did a little yardwork on Sunday. We had the best supervisors!



And last but not least, more adorable photos featuring Penny and Jackson together:



Until next time, bark and meow on! 🙂

Adorable Furbabies – March, Week 4

Good morning everyone! Today, I’ve got TONS of photos to share with you. My furbabies have been super busy being cute and that means they are keeping ME busy! LOL! With the picture taking! 😉

To start, Penny decided that she wanted to chew on her toy outside. Just before chowing down, she actually threw that thing in the air, watched it land, and then plopped down to chew!


While Penny was chewing outside, Jeffrey decided that it was best to chew INSIDE. Especially when you have a bone that is prime rib and mashed potatoe flavor! 🙂


Jackson was actually being a good boy and posed for me very nicely:

Saturday, my husband did some yardwork. Leaves, mowing, everything. With that said, Miss Penny was happy because she LOVES freshly cut grass! And boy did she have fun!

And Jackson is still loving the big tree.

He found a small twig growing from the large branch and decided to rub against it:


Miss Penny is starting to pose for me, without being told!




Yesterday was very eventful. Jackson made a friend! A kitty friend! He looks to be about the same size as Jackson. Maybe a litter mate?

Afterwards, he was tuckered out. Making friends are exhausting!

And here is Penny again! Happy as can be! Isn’t she pretty?

And being pretty for pictures is exhausting too!


And last but not least, I was trying to get Jeffrey to look at me, and I said “Hey old man, what’s up?” Just LOOK at his look! Its like he’s saying “Who you calling an old man, mom!?!!”

Until next week, bark and meow on! 🙂